January 31, 2008

So I am reclaiming my closet...

Sometime shortly after my birthday I decided that I have finally had it. I Had been saying that I am not going to be 40 and be this heavy; 256 to be exact (I can admit it). Then I realized that is 5 years to cop out which really means that it would never happen. I then changed to I will not be 36 and continue. Short term meant big motivitation.

So back in January, I signed up for WeightWatchers online. As of Friday (2/15) I was down to 243--15 pounds and 5 weeks--and can wear my 42-waist pants again. There are a few pairs that need a couple more pounds to be comfortable. But still progress is there.

In other news, Heather has been travelling to D.C. for her new job which has left me with extra time with the kiddos. During this time, Reid started going to bed with out me having to sit next to her bed for an hour and fight her to go to sleep. Heather A. can appriciate what we were dealing with since she witnessed it first hands several times. But for Heather's Valentine's Day present, I gave it to her before she left. Wanna know what it was? Do ya?

Yes, an iPod Nano. And yes, it is pink. This version of the Nano can play videos so I also bought the movie "What Women Want" for her to watch on the airplane without having to get out her laptop. She in turn, got me a silver one. So that makes a total of 6: my 20 Gig iPod (earlier than what is pictured), Heather's blue mini which is now Jackson's, Jackson's silver and my purple Shuffle, and then the 2 Nano's. OK so we like our iPods. But my purple Shuffle may have to go back to the Apple Store again because it either won't stay connected to iTunes or won't eject and this time I'm gonna ask to have it replaced. I want the red one but my credit card rewards did not have those.

My job at work is taking some interesting turns and so I have to make a few decisions on what to do because of a few other things that look like they could take place. More to come on that. But this week I will be starting training sessions that are 3 full days this week and a day-and-a-half next. But it was almost $900; sure hope it is worth it since it was charged to my department.

Other than that, not much is happening.

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