May 25, 2008

I'm 40. 4-0, fourty, 4ty

So, alot has happened since my last post. Get ready this will be long.

The biggest news is that I am officially down 40 pounds. Actually 41.5 pounds since January 10. That is about 2 pounds a week. Pictures will come later of before/current.

So my idea to run the Tulsa Run as changed somewhat. At the first of May, the Wellness-Fitness Services at my work sponsored a 5K run. So after enough people asking me if I was going to run it, I succummed to the peer pressure and registered for it. I ran it in 34 minutes. My overall goal is to be able to it in 30 minutes so I was pleased. I wished Heather and the kids would have come to it seeing how it was my first one. But earlier in the week Heather had said that while I did that the would hold down the beds. So I didn't push it but the irony was that as soon as I started to back out of the garage, everyone was up. So Heather thought about coming to it, but didn't know where it started and I didn't have my phone with me for her to call. Oh well. OK, back to Tulsa Run. There are just a lot of people that run that race. But the same month there is a run sponsored by the Tulsa Zoo. Less people and flatter ground so that is more my pace.

So the pains that I was having for the diverticulitis went away but then came back. So I got to have a colonoscopy about a month ago. You know that it is not a good thing when the doctor comes back and tells you that you are only the second case he has seen in his career in a patient under 40. How special for me. You know how a child draws Christmas lights on a house when they are drawing? Yes? Good. Take that and put it around both sides of my large intestinge and that is what his drawing looked like. Turns out, I have diverticulums (weaknesses) all along the whole run of my large intestine. He basically said that it was a genetic issue and that even if I had managed to eat worse than then typical American diet, this would not have occurred.

Jackson as started baseball. Jackson has gotten really good this year. The other night he hit a triple and also scored once and was on base 2 times of of three at-bats.
Jackson has also taken off the training wheels from his bike. He is doing awesome with that.

Last week Heather and I celebrated our 11th anniversary. Hard to believe that it has been that long. So we took the day off on Friday the 16th (anniversary is on the 17th) and went to Tulsa. We bought the kids some clothes, me some shoes and a new case for my iPhone, and some clothes for Heather. Then on Saturday morning, we drove over to Arkansas City, KS to go see Heather A, Price, and Emmerson. She is cute. We went out to eat and for what ever reason, Price had a melt down. I mean huge like I have never seen from him. So we brought Heather and Price their dinner because Heather decided that they needed to leave. Emmerson slept through the whole thing.

Really, the only other things are that we are going on vacation this week (Yea!). I haven't taken a whole week off since August and I can tell I'm burnt. Running to Dallas to watch Jonathan graduate and play at Great Wolf in Grapevine. We (OK, I) also bought Wii Fit. If you have not heard about it, it is an add on device and game that you use with your Nintendo Wii to work on strength and balance activities. Basically, it is a way to get people off of the couch and not realize that they are "working out". It has been pretty fun but it can be difficult.

See you all later!

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