October 26, 2008

More recent updates

The last couple of months have been rough.

Heather's dad was diagnosed last year with lung cancer and there were some medical issues that came up as a result. We moved him to an apartment at a retirment village that could help him as he needed. There were issues along the way and the chemo (maintainence dosages) was conrolling the cancer but things really took a turn almost 3 months ago. We moved him from the apartment to the Assisted Living part of the facility because the facility stated that his capabilities had deteriorated to where he did not meet the criteria to stay in the apartment. About 2 weeks later, Heather received a similar call that his capabilities had deteriorated to where he needed to be moved to the nursing home care wing; could not walk on his own, they were having to feed or help feed him, etc, etc.etc. 1 week and 4 days later he was gone. It really seems that it was natural causes, not the cancer, that took him. Over that 3 month period we had been in Winfied, KS (where he lived) on weekends and home during the week. I may sound callous but it was a relief when he passed. His life over this last 6 months was not how he (or really any one) would have continued to live. And we could then quit wondering what the next phone call was going to bring. We miss him but he was not the same person for the last 6 months that he had been the last 78 1/2 years.
So it is weird being 35 (and 39 for Heather) and my dad being gone as well as both Heather's parents. Something is not right. I feel like Jackson and Reid are the ones getting short changed. Time will move on and there is nothing I can do for Heather about it but it still sucks.

So on to other things. Heather A. wanted a pic of the "new" car. And here it is. 2007 Honda Pilot EX-L.

I don't buy brand new cars; I cannot justify it. Yet. Once my kids are older, then we will talk. But this we could not pass up. The lady who owned it bought it brand new. She lives here in Bartlesville but teaches at OU. So she would drive to her apartment in Norman on Monday then back on Thursday afternoon and to get groceries. That was it. 32,000 miles of highway driving. She traded it in for a new 2009 Pilot Touring just because she could. Her loss, my gain. Price was $3000 better than I was finding in Tulsa for a similar Pilot LX (base model).

So today I took Jackson to get a haircut at a place called Kiddoos. This place is crazy. There are TV's with PlaysStations for when the kids have to wait and a TV playing a movie. Plus at each station, there is a TV and a PlayStation with a small selection of movies or games the kids can play while they are getting their haircut. And for the littler kids, there are 2 Powerwheels cars attached to the chair lifts that they kiddos can drive and stomp the pedal (the batteries are charged and wheels will spin). There is a Hummer and a Mini Cooper. Too darn funny. There is a Glamour Gals area where Reid (who is almost 4) can get a little manicure. For Reid a haircut and a manicure would be $25 or so.

Other than that, I cannot think of much else. Oh, yeah. We lost our minds today. We adopted a 8-10 month old chocolate AND yellow Labs. What were we thinking? Beethoven, our 11-year old daschund/basset hound mix, will just go toes up when Maggie and Lucy get here Tuesday. Maggie is the chocolate.

I'll post more pics when we have them both. It will be fine. We went to look at Maggie and saw Lucy and just could not make up our mind. Jackson was really wanting to name one Sparky but we kind of vetoed that. Just cannot do that. So now, I'll have a dog, or dogs, I can take running with me. Beethoven is thankful since he moves so little around the house that I am certain that his heart only beats a couple times a week just out of necessity. He is that pathetic.

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