August 28, 2009

More practicing what I learned in Dallas.

So if the all-to-entertaining Sarah Goodman is reading this, I am so really trying to use manual more and more. I love how the images below (all shot in manual) really came out so much closer to what I saw with my eye. The color, the brightness, etc. None of these have been run
through Photoshop. All were shot on 400 or 800 ISO and auto white balance. I think I am getting there. Just more practice. And kids that aren't mine. I thought, "I'll let them be them for a while and then also get some of what I want" Yeah, no. Or not well. But that is not
Jackson. He was helpful. Now the 4 1/2 year old was a slightly different story.

Another problem is I am really finding that, yeah, the kit lenses do pretty much suck when you want natural light. I really wanted to argue with you and Candice Stringham, that indeed yes, you can get great images with a kit lens. But I am finding that the circumstances for
that have to be just right and I would really have lost that discussion. Oh well. I only have a wish list of about 3 lenses that are all constant 2.8 (I have a 1.8 50mm that someone is using).

Jackson one night noticed that I was looking at a camera and some lenses. The conversation went like so:

Jackson: What'ya doin'? Me: Looking at a camera and lens. J: How much it it? Me: $xxxx Jackson: Will that hurt my college fund?

We won't discuss what that will do to a college fund, now will we.

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